Sunday, September 30, 2007

William Kristol Proves He Has No Soul

Further to my earlier posts on SCHIP... From Crooks and Liars
We’ve joked that Weekly Standard Editor/PNAC signatory/Fox News Contributer William “The Bloody” Kristol is a soulless vampire, but he obviously wants to leave no doubt in our mind.

Listen to him on the subject of the SCHIP Amendment:
From whence he goes on to say (among other things)
you can do two ways: expand government insurance or make it easier for families to buy private insurance. Republicans want to try to make it easier through the tax code for families to get private insurance; Democrats want to expand government insurance. I think it’s a good philosophical fight for Republicans, if they can explain the issue well enough that the Democrats can’t simply get away with demagoguery

Just wondering if it would be considered demagoguery to point out that every single healthcare system in the world is LESS EXPENSIVE than the US system and that one of the major reasons for that is the built-in overhead of marketing and profit for the insurance companies?

And don't even bother trying to bring up "well it is the best system in the world". The overall results are below most industrialized nations even if you just consider the broadest measure, average life span.

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