Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hell No!

I contacted the Democratic National Committee’s Office of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection. I was assured that Lieberman was not considered a Democrat, but was told that the delegate selection status would remain "in flux" until early March. That sounded like both a "No" and a "Maybe" answer.

Since Lieberman caucuses with the Democrats, since Lieberman’s vote is essential to Democratic control of the Senate, and since the party leadership is, well, the party leadership – I wouldn’t be surprised if Lieberman was given a super delegate seat in the convention.

If you believe, like I do, that this violates Democratic Party rules and rewards someone for ignoring the results of a legitimate primary election, then I urge you to contact party officials at the DNC.

Here is the DNC e-mail website:

And their phone number:

Let’s make sure that Lieberman only attends the Connecticut for Lieberman convention.
No, wait a minute. He’s not a member of that party, either.

No No No No No

This miserable little troll must NOT be allowed to further infect the Democratic Party. He made his choice to be a Republican proxy so if he wants to go to a convention that is where he should be!

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