Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cume Ratings in the new world

What does this all mean? Not much, since there is nothing to compare it to. Nielsen only instituted the rule change this past July that allowed the combining of ratings on two different nights for the same episode. Now, if a broadcast network re-airs the same episode in the week--with the exact same advertisers in the exact same order--then Nielsen would cume, or add, the unduplicated viewers of both episodes together into one big fat rating.

NBC was able to get this higher number because Nissan had bought all the advertising time as the exclusive sponsor of both telecasts. Since NBC's controversy last week, Nielsen says it may review or change this new rule.

Some competing network research executives and media agency research executives were unaware of the change, and upset with what seem like sudden news just a day into the new season. They believed NBC was up to some ratings trickery, in an effort to boost its ratings.
At the risk of being accused of being a mouthpiece for my employer I have to say that at least when you put a piece of admail in someone's mailbox you are sure that it actually got there just once. Now if we can only force folks to READ them...

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