Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I am tired of - The President Must Keep us Safe

"The most important job of the President is keeping the country safe".

 Is that the #1 priority that should override all others?

If you believe it is then explain to me what you mean by "safe".

Should we  be able to dump raw sewage into the lakes and rivers?

Should we be reasonably certain that when we eat a burger it isn't contaminated with e. coli?

Should we be able to get healthcare that we need to make our lives longer and more productive irrespective of whether we are rich or poor?

Should we be able to go outside in our major cities without worrying that the air will be so foul it would make us wheeze?

What? You don't mean any of those things? Come back and talk to me when you are a grownup and aren't just looking for daddy to protect you from the boogeyman under the bed with a bomb because THOSE things are more important to the American way of life and Americans as individuals than any number of terrorists ever reasonably will be.

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