Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moving To Columbus Indiana - Need Apartment Hunting Advice

It looks like I am leaving sunny and warm Atlanta for a drive up the Interstate to lovely Columbus, Indiana to take up a new job. Naturally there isn't nearly enough time to get everything organized and I am resigned to spending a little time in a hotel but I want to minimize it.

If any of my faithful readers, or just stray passersby, that know anything about Columbus and immediate vicinity would be willing to share their wisdom with me I would be eternally in your debt.

I am looking for a 3 bedroom townhouse (or a big 2 bedroom) with an easy commute to Jackson Street (anyone from the area knows who I will be working for). I have a couple of prospects but would like to get as much info as possible in the short time i have available.

Feel free to drop me a note (address is on my profile) rather than leave a comment if you would like although a comment is fine too.

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