Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bullshit I can do without

Why Is Obama Dragging His Heels on Appointing Elizabeth Warren to Head CFPB? | The Nation:
"Elizabeth Warren’s problem is not with the Republicans—though they have worked hard to demonize her. Her real problem is with the “boys” at the Treasury Department and Timothy Geithner, the head “boy” in charge of the president’s banking policies. Maybe she also has a problem with the “boys” at the White House. We are soon to find out. In the next month or so, Barack Obama must decide whether or not he will appoint Warren to chair the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau."

The linked article is fact free and offers absolutely nothing in the way of proof that this is actually the case.

I am so fucking tired of the paranoia and purity trolling going on lately amongst the members of the supposedly reality based community.

Keep it up folks, maybe you will convince some idiot to actually primary the president and hand the reins over to a member of the GOP freakshow.

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