Friday, January 14, 2011

on false equivalencies

Instant Rage | Angry Black Lady Chronicles: "All this talk of false equivalence and both sides do it bullshit–I’m fed up. I’m ready to call their bluff. I will stop using all violent rhetoric including go DIAF. I will even give up fucking people with my trusty rusty pitchfork. Hell, I’ll stop swearing if it means that all the violent rhetoric on the right ceases. How’s that for a deal? No, wait, you know what? Fuck that shit. It never works to try to appease a bully. So. I will not back down. Swearing like a sailor does not do any actual harm to anyone nor am I actually advocating violence with it. Even my rusty pitchfork is metaphorical rather than actual. I will not fall into the false equivalence trap because not it’s simply not true."

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