Saturday, July 27, 2013

On Remembering Conversations

Something I have noticed lately in many venues are statements of the following kind (with my thoughts on the statements beneath them):

  • I said X and nobody listened to me
    • Just because someone didn't agree, that doesn't mean you weren't heard.
  • I have principles
    • Just because you have principles it does not follow that you were the only one in the conversation with them.
  • My idea would have worked better and I said so at the time. (Usually accompanied by a disingenuous retelling of the conversation)
    • This is the most pernicious because missing a tape recording of the conversation it is nearly impossible to counter. The worst part is that it poisons future dealings with the person because of lack of trust both ways.
  • I was ganged up on (or "I was attacked")
    • You were wildly wrong and wouldn't let go of the bone so person after person had to explain to you why you were wrong and eventually folks lost their patience.
Yes, there are other possibilities but this is what I am seeing a lot of lately. 

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