Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is David Brooks As Clueless As This?

Week In Politics: Obama On Race And Trayvon Martin : NPR:
"I had some sympathy for the laws because as, you know, as Americans we should be independent, we should be able to defend ourselves, be strong. But the argument he made about, you know, do we really want all sorts of people, do we really want what happened here, people walking with guns feeling free to shoot off without legal protections, without the normal legal process? Now, that's a compelling argument, which he put very well. And so I think if people hear that, there will be - you know, I think in my heart I certainly felt a little more desire, yeah, maybe something does have to be done about these laws."

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He was ok with SYG laws as long as only the right kind of people could take advantage of them. A trained monkey has more ability to analyse laws for potential downsides than David Brooks does.

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