Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Allen West's New fans - Stormfront

you just can't make this shit up  (caution, link is to a white supremacist site)
Allen West has all my respect. 
The black community needs more black leaders like West and Larry Elder who don't put up with the victimhood mentality most in the liberal left paint blacks as and how race baiters like Obama, Sharpton and Jackson love to play up to.

and for those that don't know who Stormfront is, this is what the SPLC has to say about them

Created by former Alabama Klan boss and long-time white supremacist Don Black in 1995, Stormfront was the first major hate site on the Internet. Claiming more than 130,000 registered members (though far fewer remain active), the site has been a very popular online forum for white nationalists and other racial extremists. But a 2008 assertion by Black's wife that she opposes racist beliefs damaged Black's standing in the white supremacist movement. 

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