Monday, April 4, 2011

Trumping Fox : Part 2

Bernie Goldberg - Donald Trump 2012 - Bill O'Reilly | Mediaite:
"O’Reilly agreed, though he expressed concern about the media’s “confusion” about Trump’s potential run. He compared the bad press to what Sarah Palin has had to endure. “The press has been kind of snarky, not vicious like Palin, but condescending,” O’Reilly noted, asking if it will get worse as time goes along. “It will if he catches on,” Goldberg predicted, reiterating that the fact that “most politicians couldn’t run a lemonade stand” gives Trump an edge, but alienates the media, which “will get nasty” if Trump’s poll numbers rise enough to make him a viable candidate."

If Donald Trump is ever a viable candidate for President of the United States then we truly are fucked.

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