Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wow! Imagine if this worked

Your Friday Dose of Woo: The Emperor of the Woo-niverse : Respectful Insolence:
The Projector opens a doorway into the holographic structure of the universe.

This creates a merging scalar field that shifts the consciousness of the hydrogen atom within the cell, into an alternate space-time reality.The Projector cuts of the counterintention and transmutes negative energies.

It literally removes negative energies before they were created. This means once you get in tune with the Projector it will help you achieve any goal! It gets direct results. Plus it...

  • Increases your aibility to express and feel consciousness
  • De-spirals the DNA into the fourth dimension
  • Makes the body become invisible to these rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions

Of course it is all incredible Bullshit.

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