Friday, March 4, 2011

Politico dishonest graf of the day

John Boehner pushes enforcement of DOMA - Jake Sherman -
"Speaker John Boehner is bringing together House leaders on both sides of the aisle in an effort to force President Barack Obama to start enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act again."

Except the President has never stopped enforcing the law.

We need better journalism in this country.


  1. What does a canuk care? I suppose enforcing to the same extent of other laws like immigration law. It is not a pick and choose system where one is enforced as little as one pleases. Congress makes laws that the POTUS signs. If it is law it is the Executive's responsibility to enforce regardless of his personal opinion. We are told by all POTUS candidates that their personal beliefs will not intrude on objective execution of their duties... riiiiiight.

    My apologies for using anon post. I don't have time at this moment to pursue the available options.

    In respectful disagreement,


  2. No apologies required.

    My point was that the law is indeed being enforced. It is no longer being defended in the courts on constitutional grounds and that is not the same thing at all. I would fully expect a President Gingrich to follow the same path on defense of ACA and while I would not be happy about it he would have that right.

    As for why a canuk(sic) would care... I guess that I could equally ask why a straight person would care.

    The shot about immigration laws was just silly since you know nothing about my immigration status (completely legal or i would be a moron to blog as I do) and I was kind of disappointed that you went there but that is a small nitpick :)

    I do appreciate the comment, and as you put it, respectfully disagree.


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