Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zero Hedge Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist Again

Obama's Final Loophole: The "Catastrophic Emergency" Clause? | ZeroHedge: "Politico's Ben White has pointed out something interesting, namely that while the 14th Amendment may or may not be practical under the current situation (especially not without a full blown constitutional crisis), one potential loophole that Obama may have comes from none other than former president Bush, in the form of the Homeland Security Presidential Directive-20, one which deals with such trivia as 'Catastrophic Emergency', 'Continuity of Government', 'Continuity of Operations', and lastly, and perhaps somewhat ironically, 'Enduring Constitutional Government.' Considering the amount of doom and gloom spun by the government is bigger than anything seen even under Hank Paulson, could this 'crisis' be interpreted by the constitutional scholar as one that merits the invocation of Homeland Security privileges? Is America's maxing out its credit card comparable to a nuclear or terrorist attack on the continent? We may find out in less than 48 hours."

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