Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jennifer Rubin Doubles Down on the Stupid

Evil in Norway. - Right Turn - The Washington Post:
That the suspect here is a blond Norwegian does not support the proposition that we can rest easy with regard to the panoply of threats we face or that homeland security, intelligence and traditional military can be pruned back. To the contrary, the world remains very dangerous because very bad people will do horrendous things. There are many more jihadists than blond Norwegians out to kill Americans, and we should keep our eye on the systemic and far more potent threats that stem from an ideological war with the West.

This is in her followup to the initial story in which she blamed it on Islamists. No apology. No backing off her analysis. Full speed ahead!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have called people hacks before and I was wrong. This is what a hack looks like. She was proved wrong by events and pulls a Goldbergian "that is central to my point" out of her ass and carries on.


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