Saturday, July 30, 2011

On How Not To Network

Eight Cringe-Worthy Networking Blunders - BusinessWeek:
"As a columnist and media commentator on the changing workplace, I get networking overtures all the time, and luckily most of them are appropriate and charming. From time to time, though, an unclear-on-the-concept networker makes a major misstep, reminding me that not everyone was as well-steeped in the Golden Rule during childhood as we might hope. Here are eight of my favorite cautionary tales, plus tips to help you avoid becoming a networking outcast yourself."
I am NOT a big fan of "networking". It always reminds me of having lunch with a friend that "just happens" to be a life insurance salesman.

I have to also note that a careful reading of Ms Ryan's examples will show in at least one case she would have ended her up on her own list if the roles had been reversed. All in all though, an interesting read and useful if you MUST partake of networking as a sport.

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