Friday, April 1, 2011

Rant About Incompetent Property Management

I will preface this with a note that I am not at the moment going to name the incompetent boobs that manage  our complex because I will probably manage to say something that will get me sued but ...

We live in a reasonably nice apartment community here in the Atlanta area. Posted rent is about 900 bucks a month for a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. Nothing exciting, not great, not bad .. just a decent apartment in a non-terrible neighborhood.

The property management company is just fucking appallingly incompetent. It started the first month after we were moved in. We got a "dear deadbeat" (yes it was that rude) letter from them because we had  underpaid our rent by a fraction of the amount of the water bill. The reason that we had done that was that we received the water bill AFTER we had paid the rent for the month (and after the first of the month) and had estimated the bill. We were $6 short on our estimate ...

There was a dead spot in the floor in the hallway. It was there when we moved in. We reported it. Nothing was done. It was still there a month later when the new maintenance manager came around to do an inspection. He agreed that something would need to be done and we would have it fixed within a week. 2 weeks later they were reminded of this and THEN they sent a carpet installer to look at it. After another week it was fixed.

The (in)security gates are in sad shape. They work, then they don't work and now the one to let us OUT works but the one that lets us IN is broken and has been for over a month. The line I got on this from the property manager today was "well it is hard for us to fix it when it is always raining". Now it has been raining the last couple days but that doesn't really explain the previous 3 weeks.

Not to mention the mold problem that we have going on in both bedrooms. There is a serious condensation issue and as a result we now have mold on the casements in both bedrooms. We have reported it twice, the most recent time in mid-February, just before we went on vacation. Nothing, to our knowledge, had been done.

Last night we heard this strange hammering sound outside and realized it was out air conditioning unit. So I turned off the unit and made a mental note to give them a call today to come take a look. This morning, I heard the sound of water dripping. I wandered around the apartment looking for it and finally realized it was in the utility closet. There was over an inch of water in the bottom and there was water dripping from the interior part of the a/c unit (part is outdoors part is indoors). Needless to say I called the management office and to their credit they came over promptly.

Turns out that there was ice on the interior of the unit. I know nothing about a/c so I have no idea how that happens. The fellow said that it was best to let it melt by itself and he would come back this afternoon to check out the unit both inside and out (I had told him about the racket it was making outdoors last night). He vacuumed up the water and put a bucket under it to catch the remaining drips. This was 10 AM.
At 3 PM I checked and all of the ice had melted and I had yet to see any sign of the fellow that was supposed to be back to fix things. Figuring that it was friday afternoon and not wanting to have someone get ordered to come over at 530 to do a rush job, I gave the office a call and reminded them (nicely ... really) that they still had to come back to check on it. The manager assured me that they were going to be back this afternoon and I went back to watching tv.
At 5:00 I took a stroll down to get the mail, amazingly enough located by the management office. While I was getting  my mail my cellphone rang but it was in my back pocket so I let it go to voicemail. It was from the property manager telling me what I already knew, that the air intake had frozen up and they were waiting for it to clear of ice. Now note that I had told them 2 hours before that the ice was melted.
Since I was right by the office anyway I went in to have a little chat with the property manager. I explained my point of view that he was not exactly running a quality organization and it was hard to see how they cared in the slightest about maintenance in the complex (I haven't mentioned the broken lights, lack of general maintenance and altogether shabby appearance that had come about). The property manager assured me that the team did care about the quality of work being done but he was at a bit of a loss to explain what evidence there was of that.
Since I was already cranky, I asked about the work order for the mold in the bedrooms. He looked them up and said "yes we dealt with that". I asked for details and it was clear from the response that the worker had come in, given a wipe to dry up the condensation and closed the ticket. Needless to say I was less than enthused with this.
As I finish typing this, the maintenance supervisor is in the apartment dealing with the a/c unit. He basically passed the buck on everything to "it is hard to get good help". As long as it get fixed ...


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