Thursday, March 31, 2011

FDA to KV Pharma ... Not so fast

FDA Reverses Decision to Give Drug Company Right to Ripoff Pregnant Women | FDL Action:
"This is a rare piece of good news reflecting the positive impact investigative journalism and public outcry can have. The Food and Drug Administration has partly reversed its horrible decision to grant a drug company an exclusive monopoly over an already commonly used medication, which allowed that company to jack up prices 15,000%. From the Washington Post:"

KV Pharma is still a nasty-ass company.

Just in case anyone cares, this is a list of some of their other products. I know that I will do my best to avoid buying them

They operate as Nesher Pharmaceuticals and as Ther-Rx. It is in the latter guise that they have turned into unconscionable greedheads.
But we don't need government regulation ... the market always works ... right ...

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