Thursday, June 12, 2008

Michelle Malkin and Fox News --Douchebags of a Feather Flock Together

Nice to see the racists are coming out of the woodwork early. I have to say that it is always baffling to me when someone that is a member of a visible minority is a racist douchebag. But I guess I really shouldn't be. After all, we now have a a race between a rich, inarticulate, bumbling, old white guy and a young, charismatic, self-made, vibrant man of colour. That means that all of the self-hating wingnuts of colour will be brought out of the closet to call the names that The Maverick would not be able to say without being spit on in the street. How long will it be until we have a surrogate (non-official of course) call Barack Obama a n***** on national TV? I am betting that it happens by the end of the summer although a commenter at Sadly, No is guessing by the end of June. Jesus I hope I am wrong but I am afraid that this is going to get ugly. via Sadly, No and others

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  1. Ugh. Why even bother mentioning the M-word; just gives her more publicity.

    On a related note, why the term douchebag? I mean seriously, why?

    Most men I know would love to actually be close to that part of a woman (yes, ok maybe not M-word's parts) ... really.

    I wish everyone would stop using female genitalia related words/terms to indicate something icky.

    And also, the male-genitalia related stuff too. Someone calls me a C*cksucker, I'd respond, 'Rather good at it too, thank you.'


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