Thursday, June 12, 2008

Larry Johnson -- Pied Piper of Wingnuttia

How can someone say these things in consecutive posts and think that any sane person can take them seriously...
NoQuarter remains a blog committed to electing Hillary Clinton as President. Until the Democrats meet in Denver and actually vote for the “Golden Child” there still exists the chance, albeit remote, that Hillary could secure the nomination. Even though Hillary won the majority of votes cast (and don’t tell me about the ESTIMATED votes that Barack would have received in caucus events), the Democrats want to go into the fall election with a candidate who failed to win Florida, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Texas.

I am certain of one thing–there is an enormous reservoir of resentment over how Hillary Clinton has been insulted and abused by the Obama campaign and principles in the Democratic National Committee. This blog has become a refugee site of sorts for those folks. Many of them are women disgusted by the misogynistic, sexist attacks on Hillary. Ladies, we feel your pain and we agree.

and then in the very next post ...
A big shout out to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. He was the first, best I can determine, to expose the latest Barack hypocrisy.

Hot Air is Michelle Malkin's spot. Yeah, great unbiased source for information there Larry. What is next .. Redstate? Little Green Footballs? Free Republic?

I hope that the people that are following Larry Johnson realize that they are being led into wingnut land...

Please note that the links are to searches for "hillary clinton" on each of those sites. I humbly suggest that any Hillary Clinton supporter that thinks those are your allies needs to get a tighter fucking grip on reality.

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