Friday, October 19, 2007

Blackwater is above the law ... oh, really?

A defiant Blackwater Chairman Erik Prince said yesterday he will not allow Iraqi authorities to arrest his contractors and try them in Iraq’s faulty justice system.

“We will not let our people be taken by the Iraqis,” Mr. Prince told editors and reporters at The Washington Times. At least 17 of 20 Blackwater guards being investigated for their roles in a Sept. 16 shooting incident are still in a secure compound in Baghdad’s Green Zone and carrying out limited duties.

“In an ideal sense, if there was wrongdoing, there could be a trial brought in the Iraqi court system. But that would imply that there is a valid Iraqi court system where Westerners could get a fair trial. That is not the case right now,” said Mr. Prince. Read more…

Did I miss the part where the criminal says "no I don't think that law applies to me" and it is met by anything but hysterical laughter on the part of the prosecutor?

If Iraq attempts to prosecute and it turns out that Blackwater is obstructing the arrest and/or prosecution then to my little chimp brain it becomes a matter for a War Crimes Tribunal since it will be apparent that there is no other legal body that would have appropriate jurisdiction.

I would love for the Bushites to try to justify this one....

Crooks and Liars » Blackwater CEO Says He Won’t Let Iraqi Government Prosecute His Employees

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