Saturday, October 20, 2007

An Epiphany

No, not just an excuse to show a Bad Religion clip.

I was reading The Carpetbagger Report after my previous posting and came across an article on Bush's attitude towards social programs and in particular the Commodity Supplemental Food Program.

His attitude seems to be that government will should get out of the way and let private charity take over such things. This would be a very nice idea except that it actually flies in the face of what supposedly Christian folks like Mike Huckabee say. In Huckabee's mind
A person with a biblical world view says humans are by nature selfish. We are basically self-centered & look out for ourselves first.

What possible chance is there to have such a thing as "Christian charity" in that?

Say it after me ...

Compassionate Conservatism is Bullshit!

If there is to be any chance at having a just society in the USA it will require the Democratic party to take the lead since it is becoming more and more apparent that the GOP is all about "I have mine, now fuck you "

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