Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On Alpha Males, Dogs, Cats, And The True Nature Of Happiness

As dumb as it gets
Dogs are loyal, obedient, and affectionate. 
Masculine men love these qualities in our companions, and they are qualities we want in our women as well. 
Cats are selfish, independent, and alpha. 
Masculine men hate these qualities in our companions.  This is because masculine men are the owners, not the owned.

 So by analogy he wants to "own" women rather than be owned by them? I find that more than slightly odd. I want a woman that challenges me and nurtures me. I want a woman that is loyal to me and expects me to be loyal to her. I want a woman that wants to be with me but doesn't need to be with me because she is capable of caring for herself.

Fortunately I found such a woman and yes, we got married. I happily admint that I have no "Game", I am just a guy that is happy in my own skin and knows that I don't have to trick women to get them to sleep with me. Just being myself is the right way to find the person that I am going to be happy with. Too bad the author of the above-quoted passage isn't as sure of himself (read some more of his blog .. you will see what I mean)

I would also say that he has not described "dogs", he has described a Labrador. Dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes and temperaments. I know that this seems to be a silly thing for me to post on but it is just one more example of how when someone thinks about the world in a limited way in one regard they probably have a limited view overall.

h/t to David Futrelle

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