Saturday, April 27, 2013

On settling down

I figure I have one last move in me before I am done. Looking for free advice.

Where should I live?

It has to be somewhere that has a corporate headquarters or two within commuting distance (45 -  60 mins) since that is where I generally work.
I would like somewhere that I can at least theoretically use the bicycle and kayak every now and then.
I would like 350k to buy me a nice little house with a plot of land for some flowers, herbs and maybe a tomato plant or two.
It has to be somewhere that after I retire I am not going to want to move again.

My short list right now is narrowed down to a few states but within them I haven't really gone that far. So here is my list thus far: South Carolina,  Florida,  Texas, California, New Mexico,  Arizona.

Any and all advice is welcome. 

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