Thursday, July 7, 2011

On How Clueless Richard Dawkins Can Be

Richard Dawkins and male privilege | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine:

"Over the weekend, a full-blown scandal erupted in the skeptical movement atheist and skeptical communities* over sexism and attitudes about sexual harassment. It started with a fairly straightforward story about a clueless man putting a woman in an uncomfortable situation. The conversation about it was interesting, to say the least. An important point that came up multiple times is that many men do not truly understand what women go through in such situations.
This point was driven home when Richard Dawkins spoke up about it. Through his own words, he proved quite clearly that a lot of men just don’t get it."
I am baffled at the number of men that really don't get this. No one is saying that all men are rapists. What is being said is that the incredibly dismissive attitude towards a woman's justifiable "this was something creepy to do, so don't do it" statement is dumber than dogshit.

Dawkins really comes off as hopelessly entitled in his 3 comments at PZ's place.

I am also saddened that in the comments to this article there are still a not insignificant number of guys that are being either willfully ignorant or are just folks that I wouldn't want dating my sister because they are such assholes.

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