Monday, September 3, 2007

Fred Thompson

Thanks to the folks at Talking Points Memo Election Central I was alerted to the weird discussion of Fred Thompson on Meet The Press yesterday.

It started off with the brilliant comment from Mary Matalin that it was a good idea for Fred to appear on Leno instead of taking part in an actual debate with other.. you know .. candidates.
MR. RUSSERT: Mary Matalin, on Wednesday night, all the other Republicans will be on a stage debating in New Hampshire. Fred Thompson will be on Jay Leno. Is that appropriate?

MS. MATALIN: And guess what? Who do you think has the largest audience at that time? Jay Leno has 31 percent of the audience at the time immediately preceding the video. This is a message-driven campaign, and we want to drive people, and the biggest place to do that was Jay Leno. We want to drive him right at 12:01 to hear Fred Thompson’s principles, which is the definition of performance. I don’t know what they mean by performance. I know what he means by performance. It is getting your principles out there, and we want to drive him right to the video so they don’t have to go through the prism of us. You can read it, and you can see it, and you can hear it and deliver his principles. Thank you, Jay Leno.

This being followed almost immediately by what I feel is the question of his campaign
MR. MURPHY: Can he up his message game, and can he working a media environment more hostile than Fox? Those are the two questions I think he’s set up to answer, but he’s got to go do it.

The thing is that I think the question has been answered by his choice of where to spend debate night

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