Sunday, June 24, 2012

The dumbest Supposedly Analytical Article on Health Insurance I have ever read

Eight reasons not to be insured - AnalyticBridge:
"For the majority of Americans with no significant health problems, not smoking or drinking excessively, eating well, not obese, and not involved in really dangerous activities (e.g. reckless driving), with savings above $50K, having health insurance is a very bad choice, in terms of ROI. "

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Consider that this is one of the author's "reasons"

Not having health insurance is particularly attractive if you focus on prevention rather than curing problems, go as little as possible to the doctor, and use alternate cheaper medicines (or drug purchased in India) whenever possible, and don't need coverage for pregnancy.
 In other words .. sucks to be female or have any kind of inherited condition.

And oh by the way, the median net worth of an american household is about $75,000. And nearly nobody has liquid assets of 50k or more.

What a fuckwit

Makes me ashamed to share a profession with him.

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