Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Self-Insurance

One of the good things that might come from the kerfuffle over birth control and health insurance is if someone tries to use the argument that since many large organizations self insure they would still be "violating their conscience".

Make no mistake, health insurance companies are a pestilence but in many cases it is actually your own HR department (contracted out to a servicer) you are fighting when you think you are having a dispute with your health insurer. Many employers are very cagey about the fact that they do this and are more than happy for you to think that their hands are tied and cannot help you.

It is simply a convenient lie.

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  1. Yes. Similar with student health plans at universities ... I've been in on the "trade you coverage for xyz in exchange for knocking the premium down $1 to keep it under some magic number" or "lower the lifetime coverage amount in exchange for covering Gardisil because that's suddenly hot in college health". Yeah. When administrators are doing the bargaining, the consumer's best interests are not always forefront.


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