Friday, June 24, 2011

More on the law of unexpected consequences - georgia edition

2,000 cab drivers fight Ga. immigration law | Atlanta Business Chronicle:
"As a federal lawsuit challenging Georgia’s tough new immigration law makes its way through the courts, a new legal challenge has emerged courtesy of more than 2,000 taxi cab drivers. Drivers and cab companies from throughout metro Atlanta and other Georgia cities have hired a law firm to represent them due to their concerns over a provision of the law that stipulates drivers could be arrested for transporting passengers without documentation, Atlanta Business Chronicle broadcast partner WXIA-TV reports."
The lovely lady that I share my life with was been accosted (the only word for it) for the crime of driving while Hispanic. Anyone that thinks this will not be used to harass should have a chat with a friend of color. Being white and (nearly) accent-less has its privileges.

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