Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ezra Klein spouts horseshit talking points.

Who killed free choice — and why? - Ezra Klein - The Washington Post: "separates individuals from the cost of their health care so they use more health services than they would if they had to pay their premiums out-of-pocket."

I personally know of no non-pathological person that "uses more health services" than they need. In fact I know lots of folks with very good insurance or living in Canada(for instance) that still don't go to the doctor( or take the proper medications) nearly as often as they should.

This is such unadulterated bullshit that I do not know where to start.

With all due respect to Ezra (and I do normally have a lot), this is not grounded in the world that most people live in. He knows better than most (since he has shown that doe does) that the economics of health care are not much like a normal economic market and I am absolutely baffled that he could come up with such a load of tripe.

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