Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comment of the week at Balloon Juice

Balloon Juice » Serious as a heart attack:
"مجد الله. جون كول يبقي لي سجين. كنت تعيش اليوم في حالة يمكنني دمعة/له وسأبذل للضعف, وقال والدموع. يخاف مني, خوفه, يثير اشمئزاز لي. يحصل لي بعض التونة والسمك وبالتالي.


For those that aren't addicted to Balloon Juice, Tunch is John Cole's rather rotund kitty.

For those that don't read Arabic, this is an automated translation via .

The Glory of God. John Cole keep me a prisoner. You live today in the case of I tear/him I will do my vulnerability, he said with tears. afraid of me, fear, disgusts me. Get me some tuna fish, and therefore.

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