Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks on the Arab Gulf States vs. Iran | The Nation

WikiLeaks on the Arab Gulf States vs. Iran | The Nation: "You’d think that the United States could safely ignore, and privately laugh at, the policy recommendations made by kings, royal sheiks and emirs of the gulf states. The leaders of these nations—and most of them, such as Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE, really don’t deserve to be called 'nations'—are anyway for the most part puppets of the United States. Three of them (Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain) are essentially US-occupied territories, hosting American ground troops, naval forces and an air force base; and the fourth, the UAE, is not really populated by its own citizens but by imported South Asians, Iranians and others, and made up of a series of family-ruled sheikhdoms run by utterly corrupt and degenerate, inbred gangsters. They huddle in their palaces, praying that the United States will protect them from their own people, from actual Arab citizens—including the Palestinians, Syrians and Egyptians, whose remaining nationalists covet their oil wealth—and from rambunctious Iran to the north and east."

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