Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thers on torture

Firedoglake » LATE NIGHT: Decrepit, Bilious European Dustbag Soils Self, Insults America, Makes Scotland Seem Land of Gaseous Feebs
Fuck you. Here would be my view: I would not do something unlikely to work but likely to cost me my soul; I would uphold the laws of my nation and the norms of civilized society; I would in short be a morally responsible human being.

But I'm hardly perfect. I grew up in Queens. And after that last paragraph I quoted, and after that all that stuff about how my president is a "pantywaist," I confess that a certain tribal part of me would not mind meeting Mr. Warner very much in person so that I might explain precisely why his insults -- the worst of which is that America ought to be a nation whose guiding principle is barbarism -- are so aggravating. But I am a civilized man, and so will content myself for the nonce with remarking, on the Internet, that Warner is a fuckfaced little psychotic snotnosed shit who should be bottled, pissed on, corked, and then tossed into some Glaswegian sewer to be wetly shat on forever until the Last Trump sounds.

Hard to improve on this.

I have to note that it was in reply to this pile of steaming horseshit from Gerald Warner just so that one can get the full effect of the crap that was spewed to bring it on.

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