Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Green Card Chronicles - Part another - The Signing

Well, it is getting close. I have found out that the lawyer will have all the papers ready to file on August 20th. One big check to the lawyer and one to the government this time. We should be less than 3 months away from Interview time!!

I have to say that even doing this "the easy way" because I married an American citizen is far from easy. The amount of documentation that is required to establish the bona fides of a marriage in the eyes of the US government is quite impressive and a little daunting. I know, and Robin knows (yes we are Rob and Robin ... shut up) that we entered into this marriage because we love each other and we want to spend the last 50 years of our lives together but actually proving that is the case is much more difficult (and the burden of proof is on us to prove it not the government to prove that it isn't).
For all my happily married readers that got married less than 18 months after starting to date here  is a thought experiment for you. How would you do it  ... think about how you would have proved your marriage was real if you had to do it in the first couple months of your marriage.

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