Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On Tim Tebow Being Cut

I don't dislike watching Tim Tebow because he is a Christian. I dislike watching Tim Tebow because he sucks as a NFL QB. He simply does not have a game that is suited to how the  NFL works.

Don't even get me started on moving him to another position. He is fast for a QB ... he is slow for a running back and as for tight end, he has shown no ability to catch a football thrown by a NFL QB.

His stats after 3 seasons include 17 passing touchdowns, 12 rushing TDs, 9 picks and 14 fumbles.

This isn't that difficult folks.

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  1. Tebow's career in the NFL is, for all intents and purposes, over. If he was almost anyone else (i.e. someone without the rabid fan base), he would have been done by now. As Rob states, Tebow just doesn't have the ability to play QB in the NFL, and he's not nearly good or experienced enough to play RB or TE, particularly when colleges are churning out guys who are trained to do that. Tebow might hang on somewhere, but he's a lousy back-up because he's a lousy QB, and it's made even worse by the media circus that follows him around (not all his fault, but it's time to acknowledge that some of it is). He'll have a long career as a motivational speaker type, and whatever else he wants to do because he seems like a bright and thoughtful fellow, and he'll always have that one shining moment against Pittsburgh to play to his kids and grandkids. Frankly, that's not bad... and it's going to have to be enough.


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