Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Interesting little library

mloss | Project details:Pattern: ""Pattern" bundles a diverse range of Python functionality for working with text. It contains tools for web data mining such as a uniform API for web services (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr, Facebook, RSS), a HTML DOM parser, web crawler and a PDF parser. It has wrappers for SQLite and MySQL databases, and a Datasheet class for working with CSV-files. It has a transformation-based tagger/chunker for English and Dutch, sentiment lexicons, a WordNet interface, and an n-gram search algorithm. It also has algorithms for tf-idf, cosine similarity, LSA, k-means and hierarchical clustering, Naive Bayes, KNN and SVM classifiers. It has a helper module for writing HTML canvas graphics in the web browser (no plugins needed), and tools for directed graphs, graph centrality, graph partitioning and spring-based graph visualization. "

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