Sunday, January 8, 2012

How not to make a good impression as a CEO

Jordan S Zoot CPA.CITP.CISM.CGEIT – Customer Feedback & Ideas for Hootsuite:
"Permit me to share a thought…unlike most of the posters that WHINE AND BITCH LIKE LITTLE KIDS…i am the Managing Director and CEO of a consulting firm..we are three offices..Manhattan, Evanston IL [Chicago] and San Francisco [SOMA] 35 professionals mixed CPA’s and IT….we recruit at five schools UC Berkley, UI Urbana, UM Ann Arbor, NYU and Wharton….gross rev..candidly btw $$7-10MM,,,I don’t have partners or bank debt…having said that I can’t justify a $1k/month spend for your enterprise product….we have 2 seats and spend what it costs…if the shitty little kids would STFU some of us appreciate what you do at a corporate level and would gladly pay for G+ pages..and for each and every whiner that has bitched and whined…straight up and IN YOUR FACE JAM IT….this company does good work…and rather than WHINE like a little kid let the develop and if you aren’t paying for it..STFU and respect a roll out. If you don’t like me too bad give me a link and I will aggressively contact your cxo team..STRAIGHT UP AND IN YOUR FACE..MOCKING LITTLE KIDS."

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