Monday, August 1, 2011

On Why Elizabeth Warren Should Not Run for President (Or anything else)

Should Elizabeth Warren Run for President? « naked capitalism:
"If anything, the efforts to sanctify Warren have grown. She is treated as the last, best hope of the tattered progressives, when it isn’t even clear how much she supports their agenda. She would presumably promote policies that would stem or reverse the concentration of income and wealth in the top 1%, but her view on other issues is unclear. What is her stand on our military commitments? On gay marriage? On immigration? On our broken health care system? On out of control college costs that result in most new graduates being debt slaves? On climate change? On China? She’s a formidable policy wonk and no doubt a quick study, but even smart people who step outside their areas of expertise can become hostage to bad orthodox thinking or its ugly cousin, leading edge conventional wisdom. And well advised or not, Warren may not be as liberal as her fans like to believe."
And when she too turns out not to be the second coming of FDR (who himself wouldn't be the second coming of FDR nowadays) she will be reviled as not a true progressive and the cycle shall repeat again.

I hope that Elizabeth Warren does what she does best and continues to influence politicians from her perch at Harvard with an occasional direct move into government as an adviser. She is a valuable resource and it is my considered opinion that the reality of being an elected official that had to take all those messy votes would tarnish her image a bit more than her fans would like.

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