Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Taking Your Ball And Going Home

Chuck for ...: Now That I Know What It Means To Be A Democrat
"I'll be blunt - I'll not be a party to such horseshit, I'll let those who love excuses and cowardice take the reins, or load, or act as though they give a good goddam. I simply cannot continue to divide my thinking between what works and is right and what isn't 'as bad as.' You like 'not as bad as' you can help yourself to as much as you please."
Chuck Butcher is precisely the kind of "more and better Democrat" that we need in this country and instead he is putting on a big pout and walking away because he doesn't like the direction of the party. This is why progressives lose the fight. Instead of getting mad as hell and trying to retake the party, as the conservatives did with the GOP, they throw up their hands and say "I can't work within the system because it is too far gone".

This is giving up and shameful and I can't believe that Chuck means it.

I am sad to see Chuck taking this stance because he was, and is, one of the good ones. I can only hope that this turns out to be a temporary break from politics for him and not the abandonment of principle because it got hard. I suspect he will be back.

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