Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alex Jones On Norway

Delusion in its purist form.


  1. Doesn't sound too dilutional to me. I'd like to see you post evidence backing whatever conclusion you have come to. There is motive, means, funding, and capabilities to commit bombings presented in his theory. I don't see how one right wing christian fundamentalist, could build a vbied, and ultimately kill 91 people. He also obtained a police uniform, and automatic weapons. I'd like to know how he ultimately came into possession of this gear and equipment.

  2. I would as well. Why I consider Alex delusional in this case is that his initial reaction is that it is 98% certain to be some sort of a false flag operation.
    There is no evidence offered other than "I said so". This is the very definition of a delusion or at least a kneejerk reaction.

    It is just as bad as the folks that immediately said "must be Muslims" and just as wrong.


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