Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bye Bye Blue Dogs?

Daily Kos: Dem Blue Dogs obstructionists set to bear brunt of losses: "If they're right, that means that 23 of the 54 Blue Dog members would bite the dust, decimating their caucus. That means that the Blue Dogs would make up 44 percent of Democratic losses, even though they only make up 21 percent of the caucus.

If the worst-case scenario comes to happen, we can enjoy this silver lining -- the brunt of the losses will be felt by the very same people who helped obstruct the Democratic agenda, who fought middle class tax cuts and the Public Option, and who fueled the 'Dems are divided' narrative. We'll get rid of the hypcorites who, like their Republican BFF's, scream about 'fiscal responsibility' while fighting desperately to cut taxes on the wealthiest."

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