Sunday, September 16, 2007

Giuliani Appropriates An Image

Imagine my shock that the biggest poseur in the Republican Presidential sweepstakes is once again using the image/work/reputation of someone else as if it was actually his to do with as he wants.
So we posed the question to Petraeus' spokesman, Colonel Steven Boylan: Does General Petraeus condone the use of his image in political ads? He emailed this reply:

"General Petraeus has not condoned the use of his photo in political ads. Use of his photos in recent ads was without his consent or advance knowledge."

We've emailed the Giuliani campaign for comment about this, asking whether Petraeus should have been informed of the use of his image in a political ad in advance. We also asked whether the ad would continue to remain posted now that Petraeus's spokesperson has confirmed that he "has not condoned" its use in any political ad.

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