Sunday, May 4, 2014

on Benghazi

I got nothing.

Worst case, I see that there was less security than there should have been and there is lots of blame for that to go around.

Why do the GOP think this is a winner of a story? I honestly don't get it.

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  1. Security was requested and normal procedure is our armed forces are providing security, this was not followed. It's not just a mere error in human judgement. This was a silencing of the lambs. Stevens knew too much and could not be allowed to live for the truth was evil in nature and if he disclosed what he knew and possibly was involved in then Obama might not made it into 4 more years of destruction of America. His first 4 yrs were worthless but game on in his agenda packed divide and conquer of a country he is not loyal to. He planned out the attack and if it were not for whistle blowers (eye witness true heroes) the death toll would be higher in more treasonous acts. This is one of several silencing of men and women who are loyal first to their country, the highest record deaths of Navy Seals in a single date is the most intriguing and heart breaking well planned.murder. "Step Down" had to be Obama who refuses to give info of his role on that deadly night of Benghazi. He was at the helm yet he made no calls after he was given the news ,afterwards hopped on Airforce 1 to go to a fundraiser on his Vegas. He authored the script, and with help of pathetic liars carried out murder, slept well that night., man w/o conscience and hater of Americans he has done well on the "Change" he said we were in need of and when faced w/facts of a decline in the American dream he says" we need to work harder together" like his vision is pro America. Blame is on him and to those who lie,steal, target, murder for a man who will throw anyone under the bus makes for a lot of bad individuals. No one can listen to him and get a sense of hope but of the feeling we are in the Twilight Zone and not the home of the brave but the enslaved.


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