Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Green Card Chronicles - Part another - With a shout out

So we are almost ready to file the various documents that we need in order to get my Green Card (which no isn't green). Along the way we discovered that my ill conceived idea of joining the Canadian Navy back when I was a mere sprite was possibly going to come back to haunt me because of the question about "Have you ever had military training". While it is true that I beat a hasty retreat before the end of basic training it does count (although my company commander would no doubt disagree).

This wouldn't have mattered except that I have no clue where my discharge papers are so i needed to order a new copy (a process that I found takes 6 months or more). I sent an email to the current Premier of Nova Scotia, Darrell Dexter, who also happened to be in the same training unit as I was all those years ago. His office very helpfully gave me a hand and it now looks like I might have my discharge papers in hand by the time it comes for me to have my interview.

Nice to have someone that can actually help in your corner. I am sure that the Premier would have done it for any constituent and that he doesn't remember me from a hole in the wall but it is something to remember the next time someone says that politicians are uniformly useless.

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