Thursday, July 18, 2013

Roy Edroso on Racism

"The one thing that never occurs to these guys is that racism is not like monetarism or socialism or academicism or henotheism or anarcho-syndicalism; it's not a thought system we can sit up arguing about all night and be, other than the hangover, none the worse for wear after; it's cancer. Centuries of experience documented by historians and artists show it, if you need guidance, but a few years living in America ought to wise you up to it pretty quick all by itself. "

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I think this is a very smart take on the situation. It is all very easy for we white folk to opine about it but we simply do not live it. This is beyond privilege and getting into an area where we simply do not have any experience which we can bring to bear because when we try we often run into false equivalencies that make us look petty and clueless.

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