Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bon Gets One Wrong

Zandar Versus The Stupid: Smoking Stupidity: 
From a business perspective, I still believe it should come down to choice.  If I paid as much in taxes as the downtown businesses, I'd damn well want control over any legal activities taking place within.  I can absolutely defend forcing businesses to clearly label whether they are a smoking establishment to honor those who want to exercise their right to go elsewhere.  If there really is such a non-smoking following, then those who choose that will reap the benefits.  To tell adults how they can behave in public, when the action being debated is within the boundaries of the law, is wrong.  
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I usually "Heh, indeed" pretty much everything Bon Tindle writes but I think she misses the boat on this one.

Lots of things are legal/accepted in private but not in public. My girlfriend and I can have sex on our dining room table anytime we choose but if we decide to fuck at our booth in our favorite diner we can pretty much count on being arrested or at least thrown out. I can drink Glenlivet until I pass out if I do it in the privacy of my home but if I do it in the corner bar I risk being arrested for public drunkenness or at minimum being tossed out on my ear and invited not to return.

We regulate (make illegal) a lot of public behavior and there is nothing special about smoking that should exempt it.

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