Sunday, May 8, 2011

This should not be a startup

Robot engages novice computer scientists:
"Based on four years of educational research sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Finch includes a number of features that could keep students busy for a semester or more thinking up new things to do with it.
'Students are more interested and more motivated when they can work with something interactive and create programs that operate in the real world,' said Tom Lauwers, who earned his Ph.D. in robotics at CMU in 2010 and is now an instructor in the Robotics Institute's CREATE Lab. 'We packed Finch with sensors and mechanisms that engage the eyes, the ears -- as many senses as possible.'

Lauwers has launched a startup company, BirdBrain Technologies, to produce Finch and now sells them online at for $99 each."
I really have a hard time with someone in an academic setting taking a pile of government money and then when they have something that they think can be a product decide to "launch" a "start up". Seems to me that all the risk was taken by someone else.

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