Thursday, May 26, 2011

McCain != Obama

To all of my "there are no differences between the two parties" friends I would offer this list of things that I think would realistically be different had John McCain become President in 2008.

  • No Health Insurance reform. You might not like ACA but it is certainly better than nothing
  • GM would likely not exist in a recognizable form
  • Chrysler would likely not exist in a recognizable form
  • We would quite possibly be at war with Iraq.
  • Osama bin Laden would still be hiding out in Pakistan.
  • Unemployment would be in excess of 12% (McCain was against the stimulus and while it was not enough it was better than nothing)
  • DADT would still be in effect
Are there things that have happened or continued to happen that I would like to be different? You bet. Here are a couple
  • Gitmo is still open
  • Patriot Act is still in effect
  • Wall Street seems to have gotten a pass on the financial crisis
  • DOMA still is in effect
  • Unemployment is far too high
So yes, I agree with you that President Obama does suck in some important ways. He does suck FAR LESS than a reasonably imagined President McCain and to pretend otherwise is just being willfully blind to reality.

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