Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why I no longer consider myself cynical

The Seminal » EMILY’s List Notices, Fundraises Off Of, Stupak-Pitts Amendment
Ellen Malcolm’s cynical email amounts to political malpractice: writing to EMILY’s List large list, asking for money and petition-signing to Harry Reid, when everyone who understands Capitol Hill knows the time to start fighting Stupak-Pitts was when it was announced in July, not now after it has passed the House and can only be stopped in the Senate. "We’ll fix it in conference" is a fools errand for progressives.

And Ellen Malcolm, as head of a long-time Washington institution, should know this.

But three-alarm fundraising and list-building can only be accomplished when women’s rights have actually been put on the chopping block. It wouldn’t suit EMILY’s list, or any other women’s rights Veal Pen denizens, to try to actually stop Stupak back when it mattered and could be headed off completely — much better for any organization’s visibility to let the issue come to a full boil.

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