Sunday, September 21, 2008

I second this idea

Ian Welsh at Firedoglake is on fire today.
Indeed, let me suggest that Obama needs to suspend his campaign and return to Washington to propose his own Market Stabilization bill. As president he'll have to execute any bill, as Senator he should step up and do his duty by crafting and leading the fight to put through a bill that meets his principles.

Your country needs you, Barack. Not today as President, but as a Senator. It's time for Mr. Obama to go back to Washington.
This is the time to shit or get off the pot ... if Obama wants to be president this is the moment for him to prove it and to show that he has the ideas and the will to get them accomplished. If he cannot pull this off then McCain will run as a faux populist and win.

If that happens then FSM help us all because we will be fucked.

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